PM 15-05-04-a: Medicare Covered SNF Services

WAG 15-05-04-a.

When a long term care resident is in a Medicare covered period, countable monthly income is only applied toward the Medicare covered Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) charges and/or Medicaid services for the same month's billing period. The remaining income is the client's and does not affect eligibility. It may be used or saved as the client or their guardian chooses. Any income remaining after the calendar month of receipt is an asset that is applied to the asset limit.

NOTE: For persons receiving QMB benefits, countable income is not applied toward Medicare covered SNF charges.

At the end of a period of Medicare covered SNF services, verify assets. If nonexempt assets exceed the allowable limit, add the excess amount to the client's countable monthly income when determining the amount of income and assets available to apply to long term care costs.