WAG 15-05-02-a: At Intake and For Cases Not in Quarterly Reporting

To determine countable monthly income, anticipate the amount of wages to be received as follows:

  1. If the person worked last month, figure the gross amount they earned in the last calendar month.
  2. Ask the person if the amount earned is expected to stay the same. (Same hourly wage? Same number of hours?)
  3. If the person says the amount is expected to stay the same, use the last calendar month's wages as the amount to be received each future month.
  4. Project the wages for the rest of the 12-month period.
  5. If the person says the amount is expected to change or they have not received any wages yet, figure the amount of wages expected to be received by asking the person:
    • the hourly wage,
    • the number of hours expected to work, and
    • the number of pays expected.