WAG 15-04-04-d: Community Home Maintenance Allowance (Nursing Home)

PM 15-04-04-d

Allow a deduction to maintain a home in the community if a MANG client enters a Revised textnursing home, only if:

  • the person does not have a spouse and/or child(ren) in the home; and
  • a doctor has certified the person is likely to return home within 6 months.
  1. Allow this deduction in AIS or on HFS 2500.
  2. Send the HFS 2500 with the approval notice or Form 2434C.
  3. Set a control to look at it within 6 months of the month of admission. Find out whether the person will be returning home or remaining in the Revised textnursing home. Do not allow the deduction for more than 6 months.