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Let's kick violence to the curb and come together for more peaceful neighborhoods. Together, we are making strides in violence prevention through building community bonds and empowering our youth. Of the ten community areas in Illinois with the highest rates of violence, 70% experienced declines in firearm victimization in 2023. Join us in fostering brighter futures and choosing community over conflict.

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Protecting Our Peace

Through the Reimagine Public Safety Act (RPSA), the Office of Firearm Violence Protection awards grants to community-based organizations across Illinois. Learn more about how we support the mission of our grantees who are working diligently to ensure that every young person in Illinois has the opportunity to thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

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Street Outreach

Community Violence Intervention (CVI) strategies aim to reduce violence within communities by deploying coordinated, community-driven approaches. One critical component of CVI is Street Outreach, which involves engaging with individuals directly on the streets to prevent violence and promote long-term support and stabilization. Street outreach workers engage with individuals at risk of violence directly on the streets by:

  • Mediating conflicts to prevent shootings and de-escalate potentially violent situations.
  • Providing immediate crisis intervention when violence erupts.
  • Linking high-risk individuals to community resources for ongoing support and stability.

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