PM 15-02-01-a: Persons Applying for or Receiving DoA Services with a Spouse

WAG 15-02-01-a.

The following applies to an AABD Medical client applying for or receiving in-home care services through the Department on Aging (DoA services) with a community spouse. DoA services are also referred to as DoA Community Care Program services. A Community (No Spenddown) case is one where the client:

  • lives in the community, and
  • has nonexempt assets of not more than 99¢ over the asset limit, after allowing for the Community Spouse Asset Allowance (CSAA), and
  • has countable income to apply to medical care costs of not more than 99¢ after deducting the following, as appropriate, from income:
    • the Community Standard for one person, and
    • the Community Spouse Maintenance Needs Allowance (CSMNA), and
    • the Family Maintenance Needs Allowance (FMNA).

Medicaid pays for covered medical services for every month of Regular Medical eligibility.