WAG 14-12-06: Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy

PM 14-12-06.

  1. (Teen Parent) Applies for TANF or requests a SWAP to TANF Cash.
  2. (FCRC) Explain the TPS Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy process to the applicant.
    1. In cooperation with TPS, set an appointment date for the teen parent to go to their TPS office within 2 working days of the date of the referral.

      NOTE: Be sure to consider the teen's school schedule when scheduling the appointment time.

    2. Fax to the TPS Administrative Office and the TPS provider:
      • Referral Form (Form 2151), and
      • a copy of Instructions to Client (Form 267) that was provided to the applicant.

        NOTE: For teens under 18, indicate whether the teen meets the minor live-at-home requirement. 

    3. Make sure the following information is included on Form 2151:
      • case name and number;
      • address;
      • phone number(s);
      • person being referred;
      • date of birth;
      • SSN;
      • application date;
      • DHS employee name and caseload number;
      • the teen's school schedule (in the comments section of Form 2151);
      • worker's phone number and fax number; and
      • other pertinent comments.
  3. (FCRC) If a teen parent who has not filed an application asks about DHS services and programs, inform them about the TPS Intake/Benefit Advocacy function and how it can help them navigate through the application process should they choose to apply.
  4. (TPS) Checks Form 2151 for all pertinent information and if information is missing, attempts to obtain it from the FCRC as soon as possible.
  5. (TPS) Enters referral information on the Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy Local Tracking Log and forwards the log to the TPS Administrative Office by the close of each Friday.
  6. (TPS) If the teen parent fails to appear for their scheduled appointment, the TPS provider attempts to contact the teen within 2 working days. The contact may be made by:
    • telephone,
    • home visit, or
    • any other means that is convenient.
    1. If the teen parent appears for the scheduled interview,
      • provides information and appropriate referrals taking into account the teen's school schedule;
      • verifies educational status;
      • updates the initial intake RSP for each TPS eligible teen (i.e., a teen under the age of 20 who does not have a high school degree or GED); and
      • faxes Form 2151 to the TPS Administrative Office and the FCRC informing them of the actions taken.
  7. (TPS)If deemed necessary, initiates a staffing for the teen.
  8. (TPS) Each week, completes a Client Information Systems (CIS) clearance to find out the status of the teen's application or request for a SWAP.
  9. (TPS) Checks Form 2151 for essential information.
  10. (Admin Office)  Enters referral information and updates the Central Tracking Data Base.
  11. (Admin Office)  Completes a CIS clearance each week to monitor the status of the client's application or request for cash.
  12. (FCRC) Approve or deny the teen's application for TANF or request for SWAP.
  13. (TPS) At completion of the advocacy function, faxes information concerning the outcome of the advocacy to the FCRC and the TPS Administrative Office.
  14. (TPS) If the teen's request for TANF is approved and a different provider is responsible for serving the client, transfers the case record to the appropriate TPS provider and informs the teen of their new provider.
  15. (TPS) Uses Teen parent Services Change/Progress Report (Form 2151D) to report information to the FCRC ongoing.