WAG 14-12-03-a: TPS Staff and TPS Contractor Responsibilities

When a pregnant teen or teen parent is in a TANF case:

  1. (Contractor or TPS Staff) Revises the RSP to include appropriate educational activities.
  2. (Contractor or TPS Staff) If the minor parent is not living with a parent, adult relative, or legal guardian, or in a maternity home or other adult-supervised arrangement, and does not meet one of the exemptions to the minor live at home policy:
    • includes on the teen parent's RSP the goal of finding a living arrangement that meets the live-at-home policy;
    • assists the teen parent in finding a living arrangement that allows continued TANF eligibility or, if appropriate, assists the teen in documenting that she meets an exemption to the minor live-at-home policy;
    • notifies the Family Community Resource Center when a minor parent's living arrangement changes so that the coding in Item 20 of Form 552 can be corrected to reflect the current living arrangement; and
    • attends a monthly staffing with Family Community Resource Center staff on the case.
  3. (Contractor or TPS Staff) Sends a copy of the RSP to the Family Community Resource Center TPS liaison for entry of code 675 CAF in Item 80 of Form 552.
  4. (Contractor or TPS Staff) Reports the client's progress on their RSP via the Teen Parent Services Change/Progress Report (Form 2151D).
  5. (TPS Liaison) Handles inquiries and refers negative action recommendations made by TPS staff and contractors.