PM 14-12-03: Program Services

WAG 14-12-03.

TPS services include:

  • case management by specialized service workers;
  • development with the young parent of a Responsibility and Services Plan, an individual plan for self-sufficiency; and
  • use of mixed education and work-related programs, as needed, with emphasis on completing a high school education or the equivalent.

TPS provides assistance with the following:

  • prenatal classes;
  • family planning instruction to delay subsequent pregnancies;
  • referral and follow-up social services to community-based programs and agencies;
  • preventive health care for the teen and their child(ren), e.g., prenatal care, well child exams, and immunizations;
  • parenting instruction;
  • literacy, Adult Basic Education, high school, or GED classes;
  • computer-assisted education;
  • career development activities;
  • enrollment in job training or on-the-job training;
  • workshop sessions that may discuss such topics as: parenting and child development, family health, nutrition, child support, life skills, budgeting, and self-esteem;
  • assisting teen parents who do not meet the live-at-home requirement to find a living arrangement that allows for continued eligibility or, if appropriate, assisting them in documenting that they meet one of the exemptions to the minor live-at-home policy; and
  • through Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy, assisting teen parents who are applying for cash assistance to meet eligibility requirements.