WAG 14-10-03-a: Casework Action

  1. Contact the client to determine if the child has been born. If not, remind the client to report the birth and set a control to recheck in one month. Update the code EDD or the code 680 PWS, if the expected date of delivery has been revised by the doctor.
  2. A pregnant woman whose pregnancy has ended, or who signs an adoption agreement while eligible for and receiving medical based on pregnancy, is eligible to receive extended medical coverage for 60 days following the last day of the pregnancy. The 60-day period continues through the last day of the calendar month in which the 60-day period ends (see PM 04-01-07-c).
  3. When a child is born to an adult-only cash case, add the child for cash and medical right away beginning with the date of birth. Request needed verifications. If the mother provides the verifications, complete TANF Eligibility Information (Form 4002). In addition, require the client to provide proof of application for an SSN for the child.

    NOTE: See PM 18-03-00 for the addition of the child to the case when a child is born to a TANF Cash client who receives TANF for other dependent children. Ensure that coding for the mother and child is correct.

    If the mother does not provide what is needed, SWAP to Medical. Enter code 3 in Item 78 for the child (see WAG 18-03-01-c). 

  4. When a child is born to a Parent/Family Assist case, add the child to the Parent/Family Assist case and enter code 3 in Item 78.
  5. Inform the mother of her responsibility to cooperate in obtaining support and her right to claim good cause for noncooperation.
  6. Determine the effect of any change in FS eligibility.
  7. When an EDD date or code 680 PWS is removed, a case no longer appears on the PAL as P.