WAG 13-02-07: Budgeting When Adding a SNAP Unit Member

PM 13-02-07

For detailed instructions on adding a member, see WAG 18-04-07.

If benefits increase:

  1. Authorize supplemental benefits via Form 552 (see WAG 25-07-08-b).
  2. Notify the unit of the increase by completing and sending Response To Reported Change--SNAP Program (Form 1988).

If benefits decrease, Form 157C is centrally sent for the regular roll month that the new member was added.

Below are examples of adding a new member.

Example 1: Budgeting New Member's Income

Unit reports the addition of a new member during the December fiscal month. The new member is receiving UI benefits. The addition of the new member will increase SNAP benefits. When determining SNAP benefits for December (the payment month of the addition), use the new member and their anticipated UI for December along with the other members' anticipated income (including AABD, TANF, and/or GA) from December.

Example 2: Budgeting TANF Payment When New Member Added

A TANF/SNAP client reports in March that she had a baby and requests the child be added for TANF and SNAP. The client receives an IPE benefit for the child's needs for March. The child is added to the TANF/SNAP case effective for the regular roll month of April. The March TANF benefit is used to compute supplemental benefits for March.

When calculating April's SNAP benefits, use April's TANF benefit amount.

May's SNAP benefits are computed using the TANF benefit for May.

Example 3: Budgeting New Member with Earned Income

Unit reports the addition of a new member with earned income on 12/15. Determine the amount of EI to budget using the new member's wages from the revised textlast 30 days. Since the addition of the new member will decrease SNAP benefits, add the new member for the first month that can be changed following the 10-day timely notice period.