PM 13-01-07: Child Support Deduction

WAG 13-01-07.

A deduction may be allowed when child support is required by a support order and payments are being made. Include payments for:

  • child support payments required by a support order; and
  • past due amounts; and
  • payments for other expenses, such as health insurance or rent, if required by a support order.

Payments must be made to, for, or on behalf of a person who is not a SNAP unit member. Do not allow alimony or spousal support payments, or voluntary child support payments. revised text  At initial application, REDE and when a change is reported, use the actual support payments made in the last 30 days to determine the child support deduction and convert to a monthly amount. See PM 13-02-04  Converting Income and Deductions to a Monthly Amount.

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