AmeriCorps Formula Traditional (Illinois) Technical Assistance, Appendices, Questions & Answers (25-444-80-2810-01)

Technical Assistance Session:

This technical assistance session will provide participants with an overview of the 25-444-80-2810-01 AmeriCorps Formula Traditional (Illinois) Notice of Funding Opportunity and information on how providers can apply for FY25.

AmeriCorps Formula Traditional (Illinois) Appendices:

Questions and Answers:

March 5, 2024:

  1. Question: While the NOFO indicates 25,000, AmeriCorps national indicated March 1 that they are allowing up to 27,000 per MSY?
    Please ensure all budgets reflect the 27,000 dollar amount for maximum cost per MSY. A reminder that 27,000 per MSY is only for Formula Traditional applicants. Please see the IDHS: AmeriCorps Formula Fixed (Illinois) (25-444-80-2809-01) Notice of Funding Opportunity ( for information about budget and funding requirements.[JS1] [BC2] [SA3].

March 7, 2024:

  1. Question: I would like to increase my cash-match budget (and only the cash-match budget) for this NOFO. I want to increase my members' living allowance by increasing my program's cash match. Is this allowable?
      Please refer to Section 7.a.i in the IDHS: AmeriCorps Formula Traditional (Illinois) (25-444-80-2810-01) Notice of Funding Opportunity ( Please make sure your living allowance does not go over the maximum total living allowance.

March 11, 2024:

  1. Question: How are Member Service Year (MSY) calculated and is there a maximum?
    The AmeriCorps cost per MSY is determined by dividing the AmeriCorps share of budgeted grant costs by the number of MSYs requested. It does not include childcare or the value of the education award a member may earn. The maximum amount an applicant may request from AmeriCorps per MSY is determined on an annual basis. New and recompeting State Service Commission subgrantees/applicants will be held to the maximum cost per MSY for their grant type.
    Grant Program Maximum
    Individual Competitive State/Territory Program (cost reimbursement) $27,000
    Multi-state competitive (cost reimbursement) $27,000
    Full-cost competitive Fixed Amount Grant $27,000

March 13, 2024:

  1. Question: What is the specific title of NOFA in eGrants?
    The NOFA in eGrants will say: FY2024 AmeriCorps State and Territory commission (New and Cont.). The Grant Application ID is: 24AC264672. 
  2. Question: Is there a minimum number of MSY's we can apply for?
    3 is the minimum number of MSY's.
  3. Question: Does the number of MSY's we apply for have to be a whole number (no fractions or remainders)?
    Fractions or remainders are not allowed; however you can have MSY's ending in .01-.99.

March 19, 2024:

  1. Question: Do members have to provide service for the full 12-month period? If a member can get his or her hours completed in just 9 months, do we have to provide hours for them in the remaining 3 months as well?
    No, you do not.
  2. Question: Page 10 of the NOFO says: "After applications have been reviewed, the Board of Commissioners will review candidates and vote on who to submit for funding. For Cost Reimbursement grants, the amount must be included in the proposed budget as either AmeriCorps or grantee share." What does this mean?
    You need to indicate which part is CNCS and which is match - cost reimbursement means "traditional" - budget needs to be clear.
  3. Question: Please provide guidance on how we should budget for travel (mileage, airfare, hotel, per diem) to attend Illinois AmeriCorps scheduled meetings and trainings (including Program Director's meetings, National Service Summit, AmeriCorps national/regional offerings and regional trainings)?
    Please refer to the Section: Attachments, B. Detailed Budget Instructions for Cost Reimbursement Grants ASN Application Instructions Sept 2023 (

March 25, 2024:

  1. Question: When it says start date and end date of new program in eGrants, what would we put for those?
    Your start date would be either August or September and end 12 months from the start date.
  2. Question: Regarding match, is the CNCS % limited to any specific line items or does the match % only apply to the total budget? (ex: CNCS will only cover XX% of the members stipend cost)?
    Match can be entered anywhere throughout the budget, and it is based on what works best for the program. You can also refer to: ASN Application Instructions Sept 2023 (
  3. Question: Under the Cost Effectiveness & Budget Adequacy category there are 4 sub-categories (Member Recruitment, Member Retention, Data Collection, and Budget Alignment). Are these sub-categories the criteria that the budget will be reviewed on or are we required to enter written narratives of each sub-category in the application narratives?
    For more information, please refer to the NOFO under the Content and Form of Application Submission, Section f-Cost Effectiveness and Budget Adequacy.

March 27, 2024:

  1. Question: Is this only a 12-month grant (1 year cycle) or only a 12-month cycle with a recompete annually?
    This is a 12-month cycle, and the grant must be renewed each year. The grant agreement can begin August 1 or Sept 1 as a start date.
  2. Question: Are there income guidelines for members?
    No there are no income guidelines.
  3. Question: How is the stipend or living expenses distributed?
    Members are paid based on your organizations plan, it can be weekly or biweekly at the same rate for each pay period throughout the term of service based on the agreement per the MSA. AmeriCorps Member Service Agreement. The member earns a living allowance while serving between the start and end date.
  4. Question: Does in-kind meet the match requirement?
    Yes. Please see the CFR for additional information. 2 CFR 200.306
  5. Question: Can a member stay with the same project (and or placement location) more than 12 months?
    A member cannot serve more than 12 months, but it should be based on the members term of service as described in the application materials. A member can serve up to 4 terms in AmeriCorps. If a member wants to serve multiple terms, they will need to apply each year.
  6. Question: If 50% of approved members are recruited and enrolled within 30 days of project start date, when can recruiting start?
    Programs can begin recruiting at any time during the program. Programs cannot enroll members until the grant starts. Enrollment dates would follow the approved grant.
  7. Question: What are the age requirements for members of this project? Is there a max age?
    : The minimum age requirement for most AmeriCorps programs is 18. However, some accept applications from 16-17-year-olds. While a few programs are designed specifically for young adults, the majority of our programs have no upper age limit. Please see this link for additional FAQ's: AmeriCorps FAQ's
  8. Question: Can you send me the National Handbook for this project?
     Serve Illinois will work to provide additional resources, a program director manual is provided annually. This link will also provide a place you can look for additional information regarding the program. AmeriCorps State Subgrantees.
  9. Question: Do we need to include a written narrative on the sub-categories in the Narratives section in e-Grants? Or are these sub-categories only grading criteria for the reviewer when they look at the budget narrative?
    Yes, a written narrative must be included for each subcategory.