PM 11-04-00: Noncitizens Ineligible for SSI Due to 7-Year Limit

WAG 11-04-00

Federal regulations limit SSI benefits to 7 years for persons who enter the country as refugees, asylees, Amerasians, Cuban/Haitians, new texttrafficking victims and their relatives, or persons with deportation withheld. Eligibility for SSI ends after 7 years if the person has not become a naturalized citizen. An allowance to cover basic needs is given while a person who has lost or been denied SSI due to the 7-year federal limit seeks citizenship status.

new textTo allow time to achieve citizenship status, the federal government provides SSI benefits for a limited time after entering the country to aged or disabled noncitizens who enter as refugees, asylees, Amerasians, Cuban/Haitians, trafficking victims and their dependents, or persons who have deportation withheld. 

revised textEligibility for SSI ends after the grace period if the person has not become a naturalized citizen, or has not satisfied federal requirements showing a good faith effort to achieve citizenship.

revised textIllinois provides an allowance to cover basic needs to a noncitizen who has lost, or been denied SSI due to expiration of the federal limit, while the person continues to seek citizenship status.

new textTo be eligible under this program, the person must apply for any SSI benefits available to them.