PM 11-03-02: Point Count Assessment

WAG 11-03-02.

The services provided to a sheltered care client or a client in a home not subject to licensing are evaluated in terms of points. The higher the level of care required, the greater the number of points assigned.

The point count is the total of all points allowed for the services required and received by a client. The point count determines the sheltered care/personal or nursing care rate.

Allow points only for services provided by staff of the facility, unless otherwise specified. Do not allow points for services clients do themselves or for services done by persons not employed by the facility, except where otherwise specified for individual items. The total point count for a client receiving sheltered care services cannot exceed 11 points. The total point count for a client in a home not subject to licensing cannot exceed 24 points.

Base the need for care on conferences with or written orders from the doctor, seeing the client, and the facility's record of the service provided.

The need for care and point count assessment must be documented in the client's case record.