WAG 11-02-08: Increase in Monthly Benefit

PM 11-02-08.

When a client reports a change in needs or income, document the date the change was reported.

Issue any increased cash benefits within 45 days of the date the change is reported.

Example 1: Ms. A resides in a sheltered care facility. She earns $5 a day for work she does at a workshop. This income is budgeted toward her needs at the shelter care home. Ms. A was sick for 3 days during the first week of June and she received $85 on June 15th instead of the $100 which had been budgeted for the month. The reduction was reported the day after paychecks were distributed. Issue a $15 supplement to Ms. A for June.

Example 2: Five days after July terminal entry Mr. B reports that his rent went up in May. Issue a supplement for June and July, beginning with the date the change was reported. Make the change for the August regular roll.

Include in the case record proof of any client delay in providing verification or failure to cooperate in determination of eligibility. Proof is to include:

  • the date of the Family Community Resource Center request,
  • the date client's response was requested,
  • the date of the client's response, and
  • the information requested.