PM 11-02-07-a: Diverting Income to Meet Needs of Ineligible Dependents

WAG 11-02-07-a

Divert an AABD client's non-SSI income to meet the needs of an ineligible dependent spouse or child under age 18 if:

  • the dependent is living in the home, and
  • does not have enough income to meet their needs.

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When calculating diverted income, determine the dependent(s) needs as follows:

  • For a spouse only, use the AABD Cash Assistance Standard and asset limit.
  • For a spouse and dependent child(ren) or dependent child(ren) only, use the TANF Payment Level and TANF asset limit.

revised textNOTE: Do not divert income to a child or spouse and child when they are receiving TANF.

new textThe total amount of diverted income cannot exceed the total amount of the AABD client's budgetable non-SSI income.