PM 11-02-05: Court Ordered Support Payments

WAG 11-02-05

Deduct from nonexempt income any court ordered support payments the client actually made. new textAn example of this would be court ordered child support payments.

new textCourt ordered support payments are allowed as a deduction from the client's income per PM 11-02-05.  Most AABD Cash clients receive income that is centrally budgeted.  A caseworker cannot deduct child support payments from centrally budgeted income.  To allow the deduction, always increase the client's needs by including the amount of the child support as Needs Code 467. Code the court ordered support payment as Needs Code 467 regardless of what type of income the client has. The amount in code 467 can not be more than the total amount of the client's budgetable income. 

new textNote:  When a client's child support payment is being deducted from their Social Security benefit but BENDEX is centrally budgeting the gross Social Security benefit, do not send a Discrepancy Referral Form (Form 1925) to the SSA Programs Control Unit.

The deduction for court ordered support payments cannot be more than the total amount of budgetable income.