Healing Illinois Announcement

Healing Illinois Announcement: 2024 Healing Illinois Grant Recipients

Read the full list of grant recipients, intermediaries and subcontractors.

Healing Illinois, a partnership between the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and the Field Foundation of Illinois, announced the recipients of $4.5 million in funding for community-based activities to advance racial healing.

"The ongoing ills associated with racism affect all Illinois residents, and the present-day political and social climate in which we live makes addressing the work urgent. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how hundreds of community leaders will advance empathy, understanding and awareness to help our community heal from racism's effects," said Dulce Quintero, Assistant Secretary, IDHS. "Through the efforts of our 184 grantee partners, we will traverse a path to a more compassionate and equitable state."

Healing Illinois was created in 2020 and relaunched in 2023 to address racial disparities that impact people living in Illinois communities. Through Healing Illinois, grants will be distributed to Illinois organizations committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of racial healing and racial equity work, increasing trust and relationship building and providing opportunities for communities and individuals to begin healing from the harms caused by racism.

During fall 2023, hundreds of community leaders across the state attended in-person and virtual information sessions to learn more about the grants. Over 300 organizations submitted grant applications by the final deadline. Healing Illinois has awarded 184 community organizations with grants ranging from $1,000 to $40,000 across the state's five regions. Healing Illinois grantees will pursue activities in four areas, including racial healing sustainability, narrative change education and training, and racial healing readiness.

Healing Illinois has partnered with large nonprofits throughout the state to deepen connections to local organizations. The YWCA of Northwestern Illinois, the United Way of Springfield, the United Way of Champaign County and the Southern Illinois Community Foundation will continue to support local organizations in advancing their racial healing work through June 2024.

"Healing Illinois creates a powerful opportunity for grantee organizations to bring people together across the state for meaningful dialogue and racial healing," said Daniel O. Ash, President of the Field Foundation of Illinois. "This work aligns with the Field Foundation's focus on power building-at the community level and across communities-to drive action and improve daily life for all."

Read the full list of grant recipients, intermediaries and subcontractors.