PM 11-01-03: Utilities

WAG 11-01-03

Allowances for utilities and heating fuel are based on the county of residence and the number of persons in the living arrangement (see WAG 25-03-03 for the amounts). For clients in a shared living arrangement, prorate the total standard allowances among the number of persons in the shared living arrangement. There are no provisions for higher amounts except for sewer charges.

If utilities are included in the rent, see PM 11-01-02.

Utility allowances include the following:

  • Water

    Normal sewer charges are included in the water allowance. 

  • Sewer Charges

    If due to sewer taxes, the standard water allowance does not cover the minimum charges for water and sewer, include an allowance for the difference between the standard water allowance and the minimum combined water and sewer charge. 

  • Electricity

    The electric allowance is intended to cover the cost of all lighting, refrigeration, and limited use of small appliances. 

  • Cooking Fuel

    Cooking fuel includes an allowance for heating water, regardless of the type of fuel or cooking device used. 

  • Heating Fuels

    Include an allowance for fuel to heat the client's residence. When electricity is used for heat, use the allowance for the most expensive heating fuel used in the region. 

  • Garbage Disposal or Trash Removal

    Allow the cost of garbage pick-up according to the minimum rate charged by the company providing pick-up service to the client.