WAG 11-01-02-c: Disbursing Orders for Shelter Payment

PM 11-01-02-c.

  1. On learning that the client has no shelter, inform them:
    • if eligible, a disbursing order may be issued to obtain shelter when all eligibility factors have been verified, and
    • of any known place(s) that would accept a disbursing order for shelter.
  2. When the client reports that shelter has been found:
    • review all eligibility factors;
    • if eligible, issue the disbursing order immediately, but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first workday following the date of request.
  3. Complete Disbursing Order Authorization (Form 256) (see WAG 26-04-02).
  4. Tell the client to return any disbursing order refused by a vender, so that another may be issued.