WAG 11-01-00: AABD Cash Assistance Standard

PM 11-01-00.

new textReceipt of SSA or RRB disability benefits alone does not qualify a person for AABD Cash unless the amount of SSA or RRB makes them ineligible for SSI. In SOLQ, SSI current pay status 'N01' confirms denial due to income. If the amount of the SSA or RRB disability benefit exceeds the current maximum SSI amount by $20, the client is considered ineligible for SSI due to income. Otherwise, the client must either apply for SSI, or show evidence they have been denied SSI due to other income.

new textIf there is no evidence of a disability determination within the past 12 months for a person under age 65 who was denied SSI due to income, and they are not receiving SSA or RRB based on disability, request a disability determination from CAU. See WAG 03-08-01.

Enter Need Items in Item 80 of Form 552. See WAG 27-80-02 for a description of Need Items.

To make a change in the amount of a Need Item, line out the existing amount and enter the new amount above it.

To delete a Need Item, line out the Item number, abbreviation, and amount.

The AABD Cash Assistance Standard for SSP cases includes the following needs.