WAG 10-04-02: Diverted Income

PM 10-04-02.

(System) To divert to meet the needs of persons not included in the benefit unit, the system computes a per person share of income via information entered on the:

  • Determination of Amount to be Diverted to Support Excluded Individuals (AIS),
  • ACM Actual Entry for Diversion to Support Excluded Dependents Screen (ACM), or
  • the Diverted Income Section of Form 2943 (IPACS).

The system calculates how much money needs to be diverted to meet the needs of any of the following:

  • an ineligible parent,
  • an excluded spouse, and/or
  • ineligible dependent children under the age of 18.

The amount is computed based on the payment level size for the following persons divided by the total number of persons. The total number of persons includes:

  • TANF clients included in the case,
  • an excluded spouse, and
  • any dependents of either spouse who are not included in the TANF unit.

The "per person" share for the excluded person(s) appears in Item 80 under code 467 DINC.

Required Budgeting Information

The number of ineligible persons is required whether budgeting diverted income through AIS, ACM, or IPACS.