PM 10-02-04-b: Reported Changes

WAG 10-02-04-b.

A client's work situation may change significantly between the time their earned income budget for the 6-month period is calculated and the issuance of assistance for the payment months is made. A client may lose the job, receive a substantial increase/decrease in hours or pay, etc. When the client reports a decrease or increase in income, take appropriate action.

Decrease in Income

When the client reports a decrease in income, make the change for the fiscal month following the fiscal month of the reported change. If cutoff for the next fiscal month has passed, issue the client a CUP for that month.

Increase in Income

When an increase in income is reported, make the change for the next fiscal month in which appropriate notice to the client can be made (see PM 01-06-03).

Whenever a change in the number of hours of employment is reported, update the number of work hours recorded for the client in the system (see PM 03-06-01-c). Revise the counter, if appropriate.

Additions to the Unit

If the client reports the addition of a member to the unit, follow policy in PM 18-03-00.