WAG 10-02-04-a: When Employment is Discovered or Reported

PM 10-02-04-a

  1. (FCRC) See PM 10-02-04-a to determine continued eligibility, whether processed through ACM or IPACS.
  2. (FCRC) Complete Earned Income Referral Form - Work Pays (Form 2271A) and HIPP Inquiry (Form 3459A) by questioning the client.
  3. (FCRC) Always allow the earned income disregards the client is eligible for when figuring current prospective eligibility (i.e., revised text3/4 earned income deduction and the adult/teen/child care disregard, if applicable). Allow all the earned income disregards the client is eligible to receive, even if the earnings are not reported in a timely manner.
  4. (FCRC) If the client is no longer eligible, cash benefits are stopped and the client is notified by the central issuance of Form 157C, Form 553H, and if applicable Form 553GC. If the case was not coded with an R or RX in Item 36, Employment Checklist (Form 3430) and Child Care Information Fact Sheet (Form 3430A) are centrally sent.
  5. (FCRC) Authorize a medical extension (see WAG 18-05-06) and report TPL resource (see WAG 23-08-04).
  6. (System) Processes a cancellation action for the current processing month.
  7. (FCRC) If the case should be canceled for the month prior to the processing month, complete a void action and notify the client by sending Form 157, Form 553J, and if applicable Form 553G.

    Be sure the client is allowed the timely notice period. 

  8. (FCRC) If the case is eligible, provide the client with:
    • Redetermination Fact Sheet (Form 4769) and
    • I Got a Job - Work Pays (Form 3022).

      If the client needs child care, give the client: 

    • Child Care Application (Form 3455) and
    • Affordable Child Care (Form 3211).
  9. (FCRC) If the case is eligible, code the case to indicate the presence of earned income by entering an R in Item 36 of Form 552.
  10. (System) Centrally mails Employment Checklist (Form 3430) and Child Care Information Fact Sheet (Form 3430A) when a case is coded as containing earned income (i.e., an R is entered in Item 36).
  11. (FCRC/OCCFS) For Office of Child Care and Family Services and Bureau of Customer and Provider Assistance staff, enter the employment information on the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT ADD screen on the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM (PF-19/F19). When a client for whom employment information already exists has a change in employment, revise the employment information through use of the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT CHANGE screen. Local office staff are not required to enter employment information when employment is reported or discovered.

The client is sent a REDE form when the next REDE is due (see PM 19-02-01).

For the payment months prior to the next six month budgeting period, budget prospectively based on the client's statement. Convert income to a monthly amount, see PM 10-01-03-a, to determine the budgetable income for these months.

Example: Client in Group 07 reports employment on 02/27 and is determined prospectively eligible. The client is coded with an R in Item 36. The next REDE will be sent in June, due in July for August.

The client will be paid weekly and receive her first paycheck in April. She anticipates receiving 2 pays of $200 each in the April fiscal month and then 4 pays for each month thereafter.

The worker budgets $400 for April. Beginning May, the worker budgets for a full month's earnings converting income to a monthly amount. The budget using a full month's earnings is maintained through July.

The next REDE is received in July and will be used to determine the budgetable earned income from August through January.