PM 10-02-02-a: First 30-Day Test

WAG 10-02-02-a

When determining eligibility for the first 30 days, use income expected to be received during the 30-day period. Do not include an extra periodic check when determining eligibility.

The first day of the 30-Day Test used to determine eligibility begins with the date of application.

Prospectively compare total anticipated monthly income to the Payment Level. See WAG 25-03-05 for Payment Levels. Include the income of:

  • all persons applying for or receiving TANF except for the earned income of a child (see PM 08-01-01-e), and
  • any other person whose income is used when determining TANF benefits.

From total prospective gross earned income, subtract:

  • allowable self-employment expenses and
  • up to the initial employment deduction for each employed person's earned income (see Revised manual text WAG 25-06-18).

See PM 08-01-02 for earned income deductions.

If total nonexempt income exceeds the Payment Level for the household size, eligibility does not exist.

If total nonexempt income does not exceed the Payment Level for the household sized determine eligibility for the IPE.