WAG 09-02-03-b: AABD Cases

PM 09-02-03-b.

Cash Cases

  1. Use the AABD Cash Assistance Standard (see WAG 11-01-00) to determine the RR's needs.
  2. Determine the RR's net monthly income (gross income minus recognized expenses of employment, if any).
  3. Compare the "needs" determined in Step 1 with the net monthly income calculated in Step 2.
    • If the net monthly income is equal to or less than needs, the RR is unable to give income to the client. No further income calculation is needed.
    • If net monthly income is more than needs, budget the excess amount (not to exceed their non-SSI income) toward the needs of the client.

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MANG Cases

  1. See WAG 15-06-00 to apply the MANG Income Standard.
  2. See WAG 11-01-00 for consideration of a RR's assets to determine MANG eligibility.