PM 09-01-06: Determining the Sponsor's Assets

WAG 09-01-06

When determining the amount of a sponsor's nonexempt assets, follow policy in text deletedPM 07-02-00 or PM 07-04-00.

When determining the total amount of nonexempt assets, use the sponsor's assets and the assets of the sponsor's spouse if they are living together. Use the amount of nonexempt assets over the asset limit to determine the noncitizen's eligibility.

If the amount of the sponsor's available nonexempt assets exceeds the noncitizen's asset limit, the noncitizen is not eligible for cash or SNAP benefits until the sponsorship period expires, or until the sponsor's assets are reduced.

The asset limits for determining the sponsor's available assets are different for each program. The asset limits by program are:

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  • AABD - $2000 for a sponsor; or $3000 for a sponsor and their spouse if living together; or for a sponsor and 2 or more dependent family members, $3000 for the sponsor and one dependent plus $50 for each additional dependent.
  • SNAP - $1500.

For text deletedSNAP benefits, if 2 or more noncitizens are sponsored by the same sponsor, divide the sponsor's nonexempt assets by the number of named noncitizens who are applying for or receiving benefits.

For AABD Cash, if 2 or more noncitizens are sponsored by the same sponsor, the income and assets of the sponsor are used as if each noncitizen is the only one sponsored by that person.