WAG 09-01-05-b: Sponsor's Liability (AABD Cash)

PM 09-01-05-b.

  1. Deduct 20% from the earned income of the sponsor and their spouse (if living together). Do not exceed $175.

    NOTE: If the earnings are from self-employment, subtract any allowable business expenses before the 20% deduction. 

  2. Add the unearned income of the sponsor and their spouse (if living together) to the net earned income from Step 1.
  3. Include in the family unit the sponsor and other persons living with the sponsor who are claimed as federal tax dependents. If there are dependent children, deduct 3 times the Payment Level (see WAG 25-03-05) for the size of the sponsor's family unit. If there are no dependent children, use the AABD Cash Limit. Allow the grant adjustment and personal allowance for the sponsor and the sponsor's spouse.
    1. Deduct any amount paid to persons outside the home whom the sponsor claims as federal tax dependents.
  4. Deduct any alimony or child support paid by the sponsor and their spouse (if living together), to persons not living with them.
  5. Include the amount of income available for the noncitizen in Code 549, Liability of a Sponsor, in Item 90 of Form 552. If more than one noncitizen is sponsored, treat income and assets as if each one is the only one sponsored.

NOTE: Budget the amount of the sponsor's liability even if the money is not given to the noncitizen.

Example: Mr. A and his wife sponsored a noncitizen a year ago. They have 2 dependent children. Mr. A receives Social Security of $742 per month. Mrs. A has earned income of $800 per month. Mr. A also pays monthly child support of $30.

$ 800 Sponsor's earned income
-160 20% earned income disregard ($800 x .20)
640 Countable earned income
+742 Unearned income
1,382 Total income
-1,242 3 times Payment Level for 4
- 30 Child support
$ 10 Amount available for noncitizen