PM 09-01-05-b: Sponsor's Liability (AABD Cash)

WAG 09-01-05-b.

The sponsor's liability includes earned and unearned income for the sponsor and their spouse (if living together). Earned income is reduced by 20%, with a limit of $175. Deductions are made for:

  • 3 times the payment level for the sponsor's family, if there are dependent children, or the AABD Cash Standard if there are no dependent children;
  • amounts paid to persons outside the home the sponsor may claim as a dependent on federal taxes, such as a college student; and
  • alimony or child support paid by the sponsor or their spouse (if living together).

If 2 or more noncitizens are sponsored by the same sponsor, the income and assets of the sponsor are used as if each noncitizen is the only one sponsored by that person.