PM 09-01-02-c: Special Limits for Food Stamps

WAG 09-01-02-c.

Sponsor's liability does not apply to a noncitizen:

  • who is a member of the sponsor's SNAP unit;
  • whose sponsor is receiving SNAP separately from the noncitizen;
  • who is sponsored by an organization or group rather than by an individual sponsor; or
  • who is not required to have a sponsor under the INA, such as a refugee or asylee.

Sponsor's liability is budgeted as nonexempt unearned income of a noncitizen applying for or receiving SNAP benefits if:

  • the sponsor signed an Affidavit of Support or a similar agreement on or after 08/22/96, assuring the noncitizen will not become a public charge.

The gross income of the sponsor and the sponsor's spouse is counted even if the sponsor claims to have given up sponsorship responsibility. The sponsor's liability continues until:

  • the noncitizen obtains a new sponsor;
  • the sponsor dies;
  • the person becomes a citizen; or
  • the person is credited with 40 qualifying quarters of work.

If the noncitizen obtains another sponsor, recalculate the sponsor's liability using the new sponsor's income and assets.

If 2 or more noncitizens are sponsored by the same person, the sponsor's liability is divided equally among the noncitizens applying for benefits.