WAG 08-04-04-p: Reimbursements

PM 08-04-04-p.

  1. Treat reimbursements that do not exceed actual expenses as exempt income. When a reimbursement covers multiple expenses, each expense does not have to be separately identified as long as none of the reimbursement covers normal living expenses.

    Reimbursements may be for: 

    • job or training related expenses,
      • travel,
      • per diem,
      • uniforms,
      • transportation to and from job;
    • travel expenses for migrant workers;
    • out-of-pocket expenses of volunteers;
    • medical expenses;
    • dependent care expenses; or
    • services provided by Title XX of the Social Security Act.
  2. Treat the difference between the reimbursement and the actual expense as income if the reimbursement is more than the expense.

NOTE: A reimbursement does not exceed the actual expense unless the provider or FS unit indicates otherwise.