PM 08-04-01-g: Earned Income of a Child

WAG 08-04-01-g

The earned income of a child is exempt if the child:

  • is age 17 or under; and
  • attends elementary or secondary school; and
  • is under the parental control of a SNAP unit member.

NOTE: GED classes and home school classes that are recognized, operated, or supervised by the state or local school district are considered elementary or secondary school.

The income remains exempt during school breaks if the child plans on returning to school after the break.

A child's earned income becomes nonexempt for the entire fiscal month, starting with the first full fiscal month that the child is age 18. new manual textIf age 18 in the month of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application or the 18th birthday will occur by the first regular roll month, the child's income is included in the eligibility determination for benefits.

new manual textIf the child's 18th birthday is after the first regular roll month, the income is reported and acted upon based on the SNAP household's reporting status as either Change Reporting (PM 18-04-00)  or Mid-Point Reporting (PM 19-07-00).

new manual textEarned income is countable for a child age 17 and under who:

  • lose their education status and/or are no longer under parental control of SNAP household member; or 
  • is working, and/or attending school but living on their own.