CESSA Statewide Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 6/12/23

Approved by Committee Members 08/14/2023

Community Emergency Services and Support Act (CESSA) Statewide Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes - Monday, June 12, 2023 - 1:00 pm-3:00 pm via WebEx

This meeting was recorded

Call to Order/Roll Call

  • Meeting called to order by Grace Hou at 1:03pm.
  • Approval of Minutes (5/8 meeting): Jim Kaitschuk motioned to approve minutes, seconded by Cindy.
  • Members Present: Alice Cary (approved), Ashley Thoele (approved), Blanca Campos (Designee: Michelle Churchey-Mims; approved), Brent Reynolds (approved), Chris Huff (Designee: Candace Coleman), Cindy Barbera-Brelle (approved), Curtis Harris (approved), David Albert, PhD (approved), Emily Miller (approved), Jim Kaitschuk (approved), Pooja Nagpal (approved), Richard Manthy (approved), Shelley Dallas (approved)
  • Members Absent: Drew Hansen
  • Lee Ann reviewed procedures around the Open Meetings Act and meeting logistics.

State Updates (Dr. Lorrie Jones/Lee Ann)

  • Lee Ann: Deadline extension legislation has passed, extends deadline to 2024.
    • Chris Huff (Access Living) has resigned and Candace Coleman will be his replacement until further notice.
    • Lee Ann, Brenda, and Lorrie traveled to Arizona in May 2023 to see what their crisis continuum look likes. More details will be shared in Subcommittee meetings.
    • Planning on going to Richmond, Virginia end of July (only other state to coordinate behavioral crisis response pursuant to legislation, statewide)
  • Lorrie: Crisis Hub met with city of Philadelphia to discuss UR2/UR3 programs where clinicians are dispatched through Fire Departments.
    • Crisis Hub is working with a consultant to help plan a visioning strategy session to move the SAC and Regions forward with an eye to the future.
  • Public Comment (emailed to DHS): July 19, 2022, a woman called 911. EMS would not take her son to the hospital. Asking that the Law Enforcement and CESSA Act require that law enforcement and EMS carry the necessary paperwork for a loved one or a caregiver to involuntarily commit someone for an observation period of 48 hours. This issue will have a follow up discussion in the Protocol and Standards Subcommittee meeting.

Regional Updates; Status of Implementation (Brenda)

  • Over the last 7 months, RACs have met to discuss issues at the local level.
    • Common issues: staffing, resources, response times, making sure that the right people are around the table, lack of quorum.
    • Four RACs were invited to discuss what's going on in their RACs.
  • RAC 3 (Diana Knaebe)
    • Accomplishments/Achievements: Greater understanding of what the various systems do; clarification on differences between 988 and 911; been able to work through some issues that have arisen with calls to 988; recognition that tasks asked to be completed were not realistic.
    • Challenges: last three meetings did not have a quorum; lack of clarity of what needs to be accomplished
  • RAC 4 (Julie Brugger)
    • Experiences to date: Workgroups including PSAP and 590 programs to complete landscape analysis.
    • Challenged: Lack of quorum in a few meetings, information becomes repetitive when we finally do have a quorum
    • Highlights: 590 providers in regions are getting to know each other better and building relationships
  • RAC 7 (Dr. Sharronne Ward)
    • Challenges: technology; lack of quorum
    • Accomplishments: very active workgroups; risk level matrix assessment is completed; Went a step further and are providing additional education and training committee members; Humanizing the experience of people with a mental health crisis has been crucial.
  • RAC 8 (Lori Carnahan)
    • Achievements/Accomplishments: Inconsistent attendance, but we have had a quorum for every meeting; completed landscape survey analysis.
    • Challenges: timeline; clearly defined scope/goals

Technical Subcommittee Updates

  • Protocols and Standards (Dr. Lorrie Jones/Cindy Barbera-Brelle)
    • Almost completed landscape analyses: Will continue to work with PSAPs to get the remaining in. Current response rate is 77%.
    • Completed Review of MCRT response time data: this is being incorporated into new dispatch decisions at the regional level.
    • Remaining: Vendors mapping protocols and incident codes to new RLM; approval by EMS MS; changes in CAD systems or cards; beta test system; update ops manuals and train staff; system launch
  • Data & Technology (Brent Reynolds)
    • What worked: dependability of members; received very clear direction from Crisis Hub; completing work between the meetings; attentiveness of participation of expert consulting group
    • What didn't: Suggest more integration of our work at SAC and other subcommittees; improving engagement of others; disseminating information from committee to RACs
    • Intentions: review extension legislation for any additional or revised expectations; contribute to and monitor systems development by the crisis hub, including system upgrades.
  • Training (Dr. Terry Solomon)
    • Surveyed 911, 988, and 590 providers to identify training topics. As of May 2023, there have been four trainings with almost 700 participants.
    • Working to develop suggested/required credentials for staff serving as 911, 988, and 590 responders. Will be discussed and voted on at the Training Subcommittee meeting on June 13.
  • Credentials include training time required as a condition of hiring, often results in certifications or licenses.
  • Communications (Emily Miller)
    • In previous meetings, discussed a communications workgroup. As of now, only have 2 volunteers. Still asking for volunteers from SAC membership.

Wrap Up/Next Meeting

  • Next Meeting Dates (2024): July 10, August 14, September 11, October 16, November 13, December 11, January 8, February 13, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10
    • Grace Hou entertained a motion to approve meeting dates. Curtis moved, seconded by Brent Reynolds
    • Approved: Alice Cary, Blanca Campos (Designee: Michelle Churchey-Mims), Brent Reynolds, Chris Huff (Designee: Candace Coleman), Cindy Barbera-Brelle, Curtis Harris, Dave Albert, Emily Miller, Jim Kaitschuk, Pooja Nagpal, Richard Manthy, Shelley Dallas

Public Comment:

  • Debra Vines (CEO, The Answer): Happy to see work moving forward and would like to be a part of the workgroup.

Adjournment: The Secretary asked for a motion to adjourn, and the motion had a consensus by lack of dissent. The meeting adjourned at 2:41.