Joliet LAC Meeting Minutes, May 8, 2023

Monday May 8, 2023


via Zoom


Roll Call:

  1. Amy Sanchez - Present
  2. Donnie Chestnut - Present
  3. Elizabeth Protich - Present
  4. Dave Jackson - Present
  5. Nicole Lurry - Present
  6. Michelle Stiff - Absent
  7. Tycee Bell - Absent


Joliet Township Government - Nicole Garrett

  1. Previous 3/27/2023 Meeting Minutes - Approved Motion by Elizabeth Protich, Seconded by Donnie Chestnut. All in favor, unanimously carried.
  2. Public Comment -
    1. Current Business:
      1. Update from Greater Illinois OFVP on status of Grants Approved
        1. Amy announced emails have been sent to all grant recipients to request a presentation to LAC. Township agreed and will present tonight.
        2. Identified Grant Recipients
          1. Joliet Township Presenting current meeting
            1. Presentation by Nicole Garrett
          2. Harvey Brooks Foundation Email to present at future meeting
            1. Email sent requesting presentation
          3. Greater Joliet YMCA Email to present at future meeting
            1. email sent to teen reach
          4. Mt. Sinai Hospital Email submitted to present at future meeting
            1. email sent
        3. Overview of Open Grants
          1. Updates on open NOFO's
            1. No applications have been approved at this time.
    2. Announcements: CBO's and Organizations in the Joliet Area - NONE
      1. Upcoming events
      2. Presentations
    3. New Business: None
    4. Q&A - Q to Nicole Garrett regarding hiring within the community and reflective of demographics served within Joliet
    5. Closed Session: NO CLOSED SESSION
      1. Board Expansion
        1. Qualifications
        2. Process to Add Board Members
    6. Adjourn 7:11pm