PM 08-02-03-b: Employment Expenses

WAG 08-02-03-b

Deduct the following employment expenses from earned income when determining eligibility and benefit amount, and a responsible relative's income:

  • Withheld income taxes (federal, state, or city),
  • Social Security tax,
  • Transportation at the most reasonable rate (if the client uses their own car allow 19¢ per mile),
  • Lunch allowance:
    • If carried from home, 15¢ per workday up to a maximum of $3 per month, or
    • If purchased at work, 45¢ per workday up to a maximum of $9 per month,
  • Special tools and uniforms required for the type of work performed,
  • Miscellaneous expenses when required as a condition of employment:
    • union dues,
    • group life insurance premiums,
    • group health insurance premiums, or
    • retirement plan withholding.
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