WAG 03-01-06-e: Additional Verification Results

Look for an Additional Verification response after 3 to 5 workdays as follows:

  1. Select View Cases from the Case Administration menu.
  2. Enter the criteria for your search. You can search for cases based on case status alone, or you can include other criteria.

    To search for a specific case, you can use the verification number, Alien number, I-94 number, or user case number, in addition to the case status. When your search includes any of these criteria, it is important to select the correct status of the case in order for the system to locate the case.

    To see a list of cases that were initiated during a specific time period, enter those dates in the Date Initiated From and Date Initiated To boxes. 

  3. After entering the search criteria, select Display Case Summary List. Each row on the Case Summary List displays information for a single case.
  4. Access the detailed case information by selecting the verification number for the case. From the Case Details page, you can print the case details, request additional verification (if the inquiry was an initial verification), and close the case.
  5. When the Case Details page shows a complete response under Additional Verification Results, print the page for the case record. Click on Complete and Close Case.
  6. Take appropriate action on the person's application or active case.