WAG 03-01-06-d: Additional Verification

Complete the Additional Verification process when:

  • the Initial System Response was "Institute Additional Verification," or
  • the information in the Initial Verification Results section did not match the information on the noncitizen's immigration document (e.g., the name, date of birth, or country of birth is completely different, or other unexplained differences appear), or
  • any of the documents provided appears to be counterfeit or altered, or
  • the USCIS document does not contain an A-Number or is unfamiliar, or
  • the A-Number is in the A60 000 000 series (this range has not yet been issued), or
  • the A-Number is in the A80 000 000 series (this range is used for illegal border crossings), or
  • the document presented is a USCIS fee receipt (other than an I-689), or
  • the document is a I-181A or I-94 in a foreign passport, and the document is over one year old.

Use Form G-845S in addition to the on-line inquiry if the immigration document appears fraudulent or there are major discrepancies between the document and the Initial Verification Results. See WAG 26-01-03-a for instructions on completing and sending the Form G-845S, and WAG 26-01-03-b for an explanation of Form G-845S response messages.

If the Form G-845S response shows that the person is in ineligible status, take action to delete the person, or cancel or reduce benefits.

The Form G-845S is available on line through the SAVE system.

Benefits paid while awaiting return of Form G-845S are not an overpayment. Approval of benefits pending a response to Form G-845S is not an error.

Do not delay, deny, reduce, or cancel a person's benefits based on the results of Initial Verification unless the person claims, and SAVE verifies, a USCIS status that makes the person ineligible for certain benefits (e.g., non- immigrant status, etc.).

Requesting Additional Verification

To request Additional Verification on line after Initial Verification:

  1. On the Case Details page, select Request Additional Verification. The Case Details page will be redisplayed with known data from the initial verification.
  2. Correct any wrong information. Complete all fields applicable to the case. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. For Special Comments, enter any helpful information not included elsewhere. For example, if the person recently married and changed their last name, enter the previous name and reason for change.
  3. Click on Submit Additional Verification. The Additional Verification and Additional Verification Results sections appear below the Initial Verification Results section.
  4. Print the screen for the case record.

If the noncitizen only has an I-94 number, you cannot use Initial Verification. In this situation, use the Additional Verification option on the Case Administration menu to request Additional Verification without first performing an Initial Verification. This is the only time you use this menu option.

For a noncitizen presenting an I-94 number:

  1. Select Additional Verification from the Case Administration menu.
  2. Enter the information from the noncitizen's I-94 document. Provide as much information as possible.
    • Make sure that you enter the noncitizen's name exactly as it appears on the immigration document. See the guidelines in the SAVE User Manual (available in On-line Resources from the Navigation Bar) for interpreting and recording Spanish language names correctly.
    • Enter the 11-digit I-94 number from the applicant's arrival/departure record.
    • Enter the applicant's birth date in the Date of Birth box in the mm/dd/yyyy format. For example, 03/10/2003.
  3. Enter the User Case Number (10 digits).
  4. The Document Type list defaults to I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) and cannot be changed.
  5. Use the Special Comments box to enter any other type of information that you want to communicate to the Immigration Status Verifier (ISV).
  6. From the Benefits list, select the benefit(s) for which the applicant is applying.
  7. Click on Submit Additional Verification. The Case Details page displays the information you submitted in the Additional Verification section. The Status line in the DHS Response section indicates that the request is in process. The verification number assigned by the system is displayed in the message area.
  8. Print the page for the case record.