WAG 08-01-05: Earmarked Child Support (Cash)

PM 08-01-05.

The caretaker relative may ask child support payments for a child(ren) not required to be in the TANF filing unit be earmarked. Support may be earmarked when the child is not a blood relative or adopted sibling of the other child receiving aid.

  1. (FCRC) Schedule an appointment, for within 7 workdays, when the client asks for a meeting to discuss earmarking.

If there is an SSI child or the client asks for earmarking for an ineligible or optional child:

  1. (FCRC) Delete the child, if the child is in the TANF unit, and/or ask DCSE to redirect earmarked support to the family.
  2. (DCSE) Sends the client a monthly Statement of Child Support Account Activity (Form 2986) when there is an accounts receivable for the case.
    1. (DCSE) Sends Cover Letter to A/R Notice (Form 2986A) with the monthly notice. This form tells the client they may be eligible to earmark child support payments and to contact their caseworker to discuss earmarking.