PM 08-01-04: Earmarked Income (Cash)

WAG 08-01-04.

Earmarked income is restricted by court order or by an administrative ruling of an agency for the use of one person; for example, Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Under certain conditions, child support payments may be earmarked for one or more children included in a support order (see PM 08-01-05). See PM 15-04-03-f for Medical cases.

Income received by a legal parent or a dependent child who is a blood related or adopted sibling of another dependent child living in the home cannot be earmarked for that person's needs. The legal parent(s) or sibling and their income must be included in the case. Do not use the income of a blood related sibling who cannot be included in the case because the:

  • child receives SSI benefits, or
  • child is an ineligible noncitizen.

When a stepbrother and/or stepsister is not included in a case, do not use their income when determining the other family members' eligibility or benefit amount.