Nationwide Children's explains: Divorce affects more than a million children in the United States each year. When parents divorce, it can be hard for children to get used to a new way of life. But parents can do many things to protect their children from the emotional harm divorce often brings.

It is important that children are told about a separation once parents have been able to sort through the basic details and are sure that it will occur. If they can, both parents should talk calmly with their children at the same time.

  • Be open and honest. Think about what children are old enough to understand.
  • Tell your children when they will see each parent.
  • Reassure your children you both still love them.
  • Children need to know what is going to happen. Most changes affect them directly.
  • Let your children know how and where each parent will live.
  • Tell your children where they will live and with whom.
  • Talk about plans for school, outside activities, and continued friendships.

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