Greater Illinois Training and Technical Assistance Funding

The Greater Illinois Training and Technical Assistance Providers (TTA) work directly with Violence Prevention Organizations listed in the eligible communities in Greater Illinois. Some of the services of the Greater Illinois TTA providers include:

  1. Provide training and certification to violence prevention professionals on how to perform violence prevention services and other professional development to violence prevention professionals;
  2. Provide management training on how to manage violence prevention professionals;
  3. Provide training and assistance on how to develop a memorandum of understanding for referral services or create approved provider lists for these referral services, or both;
  4. Share lessons learned among violence prevention professionals and service providers in their network;
  5. Provide technical assistance and training on human resources, grants management, capacity building, and fiscal management strategies; and
  6. Provide additional services identified as necessary by the Office of Firearm Violence Prevention and service providers in their network.

Current approved TTA providers for Greater Illinois:

Organization Contact Person Email Address
1. Acclivus Jada Smith
2. Project M.O.O.N. (Men Overseeing Our Neighborhood) Marcus Mitchell
3. I&F Incorporated NFP Andre Thomas
4. Violence Interrupters, Inc. Tio Hardiman
5. Trajectory Changing Solutions (TCS), LLC Norman Kerr
6. McAllister Consultancy & Training LLC Marcus McAllister
7. Emmaus Consultancy LLC Kathryn Bocanegra

How to apply for the GI-TTA Funding