Grant Payments

Payment Overview

Fiscal & Administrative Review Assistance for IDHS Providers

IDHS disburses funds to organizations in accordance with the payment method specified in the Uniform Grant Agreement. The following types of payment methods may be utilized:

  • Advance payments are made in advance of actual grant expenditures. The amount and timing of the advance payment is dependent on the immediate cash requirements of your organization to execute the grant purpose
  • Reimbursement payments are made only after incurring specific expenditures and submitting supporting documentation to IDHS
  • Working capital advance payments are made in advance to cover your organization's initial disbursement needs. After the payment, the reimbursement method typically will be used for subsequent payments

Modifications to Your Award and Budget Revisions

  • The total award amount of a grant is subject to availability of funding. It may increase at any time during the period of performance by mutual agreement of both parties. It may be decreased by IDHS during the period of performance. IDHS will provide written notification to your organization in either case
  • Approved by IDHS, your organization's budget summarizes the planned expenditures for your project(s) based on the amount awarded by IDHS
  • Your organization is required to submit a budget modification request for approval to IDHS if the proposed changes exceed 10% or $1,000 of a single expense category

Grantee reminders:

  1. Return unspent grant funds to IDHS within forty-five (45) days from completion of the period of performance
  2. Submit requests for reimbursement payments to IDHS either within 15 days of the month or quarter end or in accordance with the due date outlined in Exhibit C of the Uniform Grant Agreement
  3. Maintain advance payment amounts in an insured and interest-bearing account
  4. Become familiar with the payment terms in your award