Financial and Performance Reporting

Financial & Performance Reporting Overview

Fiscal & Administrative Review Assistance for IDHS Providers

Grantees are required to submit financial, performance, and closeout reports on due dates specified by IDHS in your award.

Periodic Financial Report (PFR)

  • The PFR is a standard template for financial reporting that requires details of expenditures against the approved grant budget
  • This report is due on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis

Periodic Performance Reports (PPR)

  • Similarly, the PPR is a standard template for performance reporting that requires specific data elements to be reported on your award
  • The PPR also requires narrative responses to questions on your organization's performance in achieving the objectives of the award

Grant Closeout

  • Closeout is a formal process that takes place within 60 days of the period performance end date
  • Your organization is required to submit both a final PFR and PPR
  • If any funds are unspent, they must be repaid to IDHS

Consequences of Non-compliance

  • The addition of specific conditions to your award that may require more frequent or detailed reporting
  • Disallowance of costs associated with the award, suspension, or termination
  • Debarment proceedings
  • Placement on the Stop Pay List which will impact payments across awards by the State of Illinois

Grantee reminders

  1. Submit financial, performance, and closeout reports using IDHS prescribed formats
  2. Failure to submit required financial reports is a material breach of your award, and may cause delay, suspension, or termination of your award
  3. Your organization must promptly return balances of unspent funds to IDHS
  4. Review your Uniform Grant Agreement for any required additional program reports

Periodic Financial Report (PFR)
IDHS grantee-providers are required to submit annual financial reports to IDHS and the Illinois Grants Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Portal at the end of their IDHS Uniform Grant Agreement (UGA) contracting period.

Please click on the Financial Reporting link to begin the financial reporting process, access resources and points of contact to assist your organization in completing these requirements..