Compliance Overview

Fiscal & Administrative Review Assistance for IDHS Providers

Required certifications to comply with your grant award:
IDHS providers are responsible for compliance certifications as part of the grant award. These include:

  • Bribery
  • Bid Rigging
  • Debt to State
  • International Boycott
  • Dues and Fees
  • Pro-Children Act
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Motor Voter Law
  • Debarment
  • Illinois Use Tax
  • Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act
  • Non-procurement Debarment and Suspension
  • Grant for the Construction of Fixed Work
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Illinois Works Review Panel
  • Forced Labor Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Goods from Child Labor Act
  • Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act

Consequences of non-compliance

If a provider does not comply with required certifications, the following actions may be taken by IDHS:

  • Enforcement actions such as disallowing costs, withholding further awards in whole or in part, suspension of awards until corrective actions are taken
  • Placement of additional and specific conditions in your award such as the submission of more frequent financial reports and additional project monitoring
  • Debarment of your organization and the termination of the award

Objection, hearings, and appeals

Your organization has an opportunity to object and provide documentation to challenge a suspension or termination action as outlined in the Uniform Grant Agreement

How your organization can help avoid non-compliance

  • Become familiar with the requirements in your award, Uniform Guidance, and other applicable laws and regulations
  • Implement strong internal controls to mitigate instances of non-compliance
  • If placed on a Corrective Action Plan, work towards resolution of findings
  • Obtain prior approval when required by your grant award of significant changes (e.g., costs, scope of work, period of performance)