Recordkeeping Policies Overview

Recordkeeping Policies Overview

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Recordkeeping Policies

When developing record keeping policies for your organization, make sure they cover records retention and the accessibility of records.

The following records must be retained by your organization:

  • Financial records
  • Statistical records
  • Grant/award specific supporting documentation
  • All records related to the Federal and State award

Note: These records should be collected, transmitted, and stored in an open and machine-readable format, when practicable. Paper versions of the files/records also are acceptable.

Records retention

Records related to the grant award must be retained for a standard period of three (3) years from date of submission of final expenditure report unless other retention period is required by law/grant/project specified in your award, or due to litigation, claim, or audit. Be sure to check with IDHS if you are unsure of your records retention requirement.

Why does your organization need to maintain these records?

  1. To provide appropriate documentation and records to relevant personnel of the State or Federal Agency upon request
  2. To provide documentation for grant monitoring activities, such as site visits or quality reviews
  3. Failure to comply may result in recovery of grant funds

Recordkeeping reminders

  1. All records related to your award must be accessible for monitoring or in the event of an audit
  2. Ensure recordkeeping policies are clear, easy to follow, in writing, and periodically reviewed
  3. Allow access to award related records only to appropriate personnel
  4. Train staff on compliance with recordkeeping requirements