PM 08-01-00: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

WAG 08-01-00

Income is money received in exchange for work performed, from the sale of goods or services, or as a benefit. Certain income is exempt and does not affect eligibility, while other income is nonexempt and affects eligibility.

All income must be verified and the amount and source documented in the case record.

new manual text If a household states on their application or during the interview that its income exceeds the gross income limit, the HSC must still pursue verification of income and continue the application process with the household.

new manual text If the household fails to provide timely verification of income, the HSC can deny the TANF for failure to provide verification. If the household provides timely verification that shows its non-exempt income exceeds the gross income limit, then the HSC can deny benefits based on exceeding the gross income limit.