WAG 07-04-01-c: Assets of Unit Members Who Receive TANF Cash or SSI

PM 07-04-01-c

For unit members who receive TANF Cash or SSI, the receipt of TANF Cash or SSI verifies that their assets (except substantial lottery or gambling winnings) are exempt.

new manual textFor SNAP households who receive substantial lottery or gambling winnings see PM 07-04-01.

A unit member is considered approved for TANF Cash or SSI benefits, even if the benefits have been suspended or are being recouped. This includes benefits that are not paid because they are less than the minimum amount.

Example: The SNAP Unit includes Mr. S, age 30, his wife also age 30, and their disabled child. Mr. and Mrs. S do not receive TANF Cash or SSI. The disabled child is found eligible for SSI and receives an SSI lump sum payment of $2,500. The SSI lump sum payment is exempt.