Christine Haley, Illinois Homelessness Chief

Interagency Task Force on Homelessness

March 20, 2023

Home Illinois Summit

  • Wednesday, June 14th, 9am-5pm, Chicago
  • Joint Interagency Task Force on Homelessness & Community Advisory Council on Homelessness Meeting
  • National Keynote Speaker + Lived Expertise Panel
  • Breakout sessions on policy, research and new programs funded through Home Illinois
  • Question: Is there a national speaker you would like to hear from at the Summit?

FY23 Home Illinois Accomplishments

  • FY23: $15M for Home Illinois
  • Allocated to IDHS - Homeless Prevention Line Item
    • $5.5M for emergency shelter to address urgent winter shelter need
    • Increases to Homeless Prevention Contracts
  • New Program Launches:
    • Illinois Board of Higher Education: HOUSE Liaisons
    • Youth Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee - CSH & OPEH, first meeting in April
    • Medical Respite Capacity Building: Illinois Public Health Institute with National Institute for Medical Respite Care

FY23 Home Illinois Accomplishments

  • Illinois Homeless Technical Assistance & Training Center - Supportive Housing Providers Association & OPEH
    • 100-Day Rural Challenge: Re!nstitute
    • Rural Strategic Plan: Housing Assistance Council
    • HUD & OPEH Public Housing Authority Work Group: CSH
    • Steps to Housing & Statewide Referral Network: High Ground & Leveraging Resources Work Group

FY23 Home Illinois Accomplishments

Research & Pilots

  • Interagency Task Force on Homelessness & Poverty Commission: Guaranteed Income Pilot: Families in shelter (FY23), Doubled up families (FY24), Inclusive Economy Lab
  • OPEH & Illinois Community College Board: Northeastern Illinois University - Homeless Workforce Study
  • Illinois Department of Employment Services: Unemployment insurance & HMIS data match
  • Racial Equity Roundtable on Black Homelessness: University of Illinois at Chicago - Institute on Research on Race and Public Policy Homeless Prevention Sources Analysis: Inclusive Economy Lab
  • Statewide Eviction Dashboard: Inclusive Economy Lab

Home Illinois: A Proposed Plan and Budget to Reach Functional Zero

Home Illinois:

Change Change the narrative on the root causes of homelessness
Realize Realize the vision of the Executive Order through a transformational initiative to be implemented over four years
Convene Convene local jurisdictions, health systems and private funders to meet goals of ending homelessness
Lead Lead a successful state-led approach to end homelessness, setting an example for interior states

FY24 Home Illinois: Key Program Components

New GRF or Leveraged Funding

  • IHDA: $25M for Rapid ReHousing Program
  • DCEO: $5M for a workforce development pilot to support unhoused job seekers attain & maintain employment
  • IDHS: $2.5M shelter diversion, $2M Statewide Referral Network Services, $4M street outreach program, $12.5 Scattered Site PSH
  • HFS: $2.5M to support medical respite programs
  • IDOC: $2.5M for a re-entry housing subsidy program
  • IDPH: $400k for a health and mortality analysis & report
  • ICJIA: $1M for IDOC referred Flexible Housing Pool
  • IBHE: $2M for the HOUSE Liaisons Program
  • ICCB: $250,000 for training program for community college homeless liaisons