Christine Haley, Illinois Homelessness Chief

Community Advisory Council on Homelessness

March 1, 2023

Home Illinois: A Proposed Plan and Budget to Reach Functional Zero

Today's Discussion

  • FY23 Home Illinois Pilots
  • FY24 Home Illinois Line Items

FY23 Home Illinois Accomplishments

  • FY23: $15M for Home Illinois; Allocated to IDHS - Homeless Prevention Line Item
  • $5.5M for emergency shelter to address urgent winter shelter need
  • Increases to Homeless Prevention Contracts
  • New Program Launches:
    • Illinois Board of Higher Education: HOUSE Liaisons
    • Youth Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee - CSH & OPEH, first meeting 04/13/23
    • Medical Respite Capacity Building: Illinois Public Health Institute with National Institute for Medical Respite Care
    • Illinois Homeless Technical Assistance & Training Center - SHPA & OPEH
      • 100-Day Rural Challenge: Re!nstitute
      • Rural Strategic Plan: Housing Assistance Council
      • HUD & OPEH Public Housing Authority Work Group: CSH
      • Steps to Housing & Statewide Referral Network: High Ground & Leveraging Resources Work Group
      • June 14th - Home Illinois Summit: SHPA & High Ground
      • TBD: Medicaid billing support, NIMBY training, mainstream benefits training, Evicted exhibit

FY23 Home Illinois Accomplishments

Research & Pilots

  • Illinois Task Force on Homelessness & Poverty Commission: Guaranteed Income Pilot: Families in shelter (FY23), Doubled up families (FY24), Inclusive Economy Lab
  • OPEH & Illinois Community College Board: Northeastern Illinois University - Homeless Workforce Study
  • IDES: Unemployment insurance & HMIS data match
  • Racial Equity Roundtable on Black Homelessness: University of Illinois at Chicago - Institute on Research on Race and Public Policy
  • Homeless Prevention Sources Analysis: Inclusive Economy Lab
  • Statewide Eviction Dashboard: Inclusive Economy Lab

Home Illinois:

Change Change the narrative on the root causes of homelessness
Realize Realize the vision of the Executive Order through a transformational initiative to be implemented over four years
Convene Convene local jurisdictions, health systems and private funders to meet goals of ending homelessness
Lead Lead a successful state-led approach to end homelessness, setting an example for interior states

Home Illinois: $125M in New Funding & Programs in Governor's Proposed Budget

New General Revenue Fund

  • $6M increase to homeless prevention line item
  • $2.5M for new shelter diversion program
  • $62M increase to shelter and services
  • $12.5M for new scattered site permanent supportive housing program
  • $2.0M for services to support people living in Statewide Referral Network units

Leveraging Existing Funding for New Programs

  • $25M for Rapid ReHousing Program
  • $5M for a workforce development pilot to support unhoused job seekers attain & maintain employment
  • $4M for a street outreach program
  • $2.5M to support medical respite programs
  • $2.5M for a re-entry housing subsidy program
  • $1M increase to shelter and services

Home Illinois Budget

Home Illinois Budget (in $M) New GRF Base Total
Homelessness Prevention 6.0 6.0
Eviction Mitigation & Right to Counsel 10.0 10.0
Shelter Diversion 2.5 2.5
Shelter + Services 62.0 90.0 152.0
Statewide Referral Network Services 2.0 2.0
Scattered Site Permanent Supportive Housing 12.5 12.5
Home Illinois Pilots 15.0 15.0
Total 85.0 115.0 200.0

Governor's Budget

Budget Book (in thousands) FY23 Enacted FY24 Rec'd

Homeless Prevention, Emergency &

Transitional Housing & Housing Support Services

218,702.90 942,901.60
Homeless Youth 10,038.70 10,081.70