March 21, 2023 DDD Communication

DDD Communication March 21, 2023


  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), in partnership with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), is hosting two webinars later this month to present on the implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) with the new vendor. Registration information is below. The information presented will be the same on both webinars, so interested stakeholders only need to attend one. Please send any questions regarding EVV implementation to ahead of the webinar.


DDD is providing updates on ongoing IT issues that have occurred during the implementation of the January 1, 2023, rate changes. DDD is working and will continue to work on the below issues as needed. Additionally, DDD is working with the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) on overall systems updates to prevent such issues from occurring in the future. DDD deeply regrets these billing issues and the impact they have had on provider agencies. If any related problems occur, moving forward, please reach out to DDD at so DDD staff can help correct the issue as quickly as possible.


Late last week, a billing issue occurred in the processing of the week's bills. Fortunately, staff from the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) resolved the problem quickly and last week's billing finished processing yesterday, Monday, March 20, 2023. As such, MOBIUS Remittance Reports are dated March 20, 2023, instead of Friday, March 17, 2023.


The March 8, 2023, DDD Communication announced a change to the rates for Intermittent CILA and Host Family CILA. DDD made the changes after a review of the Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver revealed there was an error in the rate methodology components that make up both rates. DDD then fixed the error which resulted in a reduction in the hourly rates. CILA providers may have seen these in payments or adjustments processed on MOBIUS Remittance Reports dated March 3 or 10. After a review of the rate change, DDD has returned the rates to those originally announced effective January 1, 2023. These rates are reflected in the current DDD Rate Table and will be the rates moving forward. Any providers paid at the lower rates or who had their payments adjusted to the lower rates will receive an automatic rate adjustment and will receive the additional funding to compensate for the updated rates. As of yesterday, March 20, 2023, the Host Family and Intermittent CILA rates updated in the payment system. DDD worked with DoIT staff and is pleased to announce that providers can look for updated MOBIUS Remittance Reports dated March 20, 2023, that will reflect the updated rates. As was stated above, last week's processing of bills finished yesterday.


DDD was informed by several providers last week that they were?being paid the Statewide rate of $22.08/hour and not the Chicago Metro (15% Regionalization Factor) rate of $25.40/hour for the Additional Staff Support (53R) bill code for individuals who qualify for the Chicago Metro rate.?DDD has located the discrepancy in the payment system and is working with DoIT to resolve.?DDD is hopeful that DoIT can get the programming done in the next several weeks.?After the payment system has been reprogrammed, the system should re-adjudicate previously paid billing for 53R and remit any related balances owed. ?


As a follow up to a 60D payment issue mentioned in the March 8, 2023, DDD Communication, DDD is pleased to announce that all previously known providers impacted by this issue have been addressed. There were a couple of providers who contacted DDD last week; they should have their billing reprocessed this week. Both DDD and DoIT staff worked individually with each provider to assure that they successfully reset and resubmitted their impacted 60D billing.?As of Friday, March 17, 2023, all providers should have either received payment or have available MOBIUS Remittance Reports showing that the payments are in process. If any CILA provider finds a 60D zero payment from February 10 which has not been corrected, please have your billing staff contact Eric VanDerWal at Eric will assist your agency with follow-up, as needed.


The Division is thrilled to announce that draft Rule 115, which governs CILA operations, has been filed with JCAR for Second Notice as of March 16, 2023! The current draft language is the result of changes made after reviewing public comment letters from First Notice. Second Notice does not include a public comment period. Thank you to all who have reviewed the Rule and provided comments at any level! Rule 115 revision is an important step to ensure that CILA operations are in line with changes to State and federal laws and rules, provider expectations, and best practices.


The DDD's Bureau of Quality Management (BQM) will begin offering quarterly trainings on Person-Centered Planning (PCP) Outcome and Measurable Strategy Development. The goal of the trainings is to assist provider-level understanding as to how to develop PCP outcomes into measurable strategies that individuals can work to achieve as part of their Person-Centered Plan. The first quarterly training details, including the registration link, are below.

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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